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About Us

Who are NOT the founders of Lake'nRoll

First of all, thank you for dedicating us your time which, if you are similar to us, is always little and precious.

We will, therefore, try not to bore you with the usual “Who we are” in which we list our very boring curriculum!

I would prefer to explain you”who we DON’ T are” and our little story! So you’ll immediately understand what we are made of.


    I know that’s exactly what you were thinking: “These are the typical guys who spend their lives in front of a monitor and so.. have created a real estate portal”…well you must know that we are exactly the opposite of this!

    Behind Lake’nRoll lies our INSANE LOVE OF NATURE.  Our Love For the mountains and our connection with the wonders of Italy. We are people who feel boxed into a city… because we need the proximity of trees and water, the wind in our hair when we go climbing up to the mountains. And we want you to live into the authentic beauty, just as we do.

    We are adventurers, hippies, who put together a team and created a job that we love, and for which we have to use a computer!


    That’s right, we’re not crazy about compromise… and when we do something we do it right.

    We founded Lake’nRoll on an unshakable philosophy. AND AT THE HEART OF THAT PHILOSOPHY IS YOUR SAFETY.

    Our goal is to help you find your lake house as quickly and easily as possible, depriving you of all the risks that could ruin your life. And this is the reason why, for example, we do not allow private individuals to pay us to publish ads on our portal. Because WE WILL WITHOUT EXPOSING YOU TO EXPOSE YOU TO THE VERY BIG RISKS of a non-intermediated buy-sale!


    –> So we refuse to get paid by private individuals to publish our houses on Lake’nRoll without the assistance of a professional? Yes, and we don’t care.

    –> So we give up those clients who want to take such an important step as buying (or selling) a house without the supervision of a real expert to protect them? Yes, and we don’t care. Or rather, we give up because we do care about your lives!!! And we have no intention of helping you put a noose around your neck.


    There’s something you really need to know: We are people who are used to want more.

    WE WANT MORE FROM THE PLACE IN WHERE WE LIVE, without being content with a grey, dull city far from greenery and beauty. So we moved to a fabulous place by the lake.

    WE WANTED MORE FROM OUR LIFE: so we transformed our personal search for happiness and our love for nature and Italian beauty into a job and an entrepreneurial mission.

    WE WANT MORE FOR WHOM IS IT AS US: life is one and deserves to be lived in an exceptional place. And we want to be here to help you find yours.

    And that’s how we became the proud-mamas of Lake’nRoll.

We are NOT a bunch of other things too, but those three above, I assure you, are the most important ones!


Our names are Silvia Merisi and Giacomo Guerini and we are the proud founders of the first real estate portal in Italy dedicated to those looking for houses for sale or rent on lakes all over Italy.

In addition to this, we are also a young ambitious couple who have found their own universe of peace by moving to a real natural paradise on Lake Iseo.

And today we help those who, like us, the dream of finding their home on the most beautiful lakes in Italy.

But how did we get here?


Hello, beautiful ducklings, I’m your Silvia and this is my story.

I was born in 1994 in a dull and foggy citadel in the Bergamo area, in the middle of concrete and bad company.

The school has never been my forte: since I was a child I was a real rebel and the system didn’t really seem to be made for me. I was very good at the subjects I liked but I completely ignored everything else!  Just think that once my math teacher told my mother that I would never do anything in life, that I was a born loser! Think of my parents’ discouragement and my anger. (Though I have to say it gives me some satisfaction today to think how wrong that idiot was).

Even the place where I lived didn’t give me peace: I felt terribly oppressed. In the morning when I left the house in the middle of the fog and the asphalt to go to school, my stomach was so tight that I could hardly breathe.

I needed real air, I needed green spaces and mountains to climb, waters to swim in to feel free.

I also wanted more from my life and not only from the place where I lived: since primary school, I told my mother that in life I wanted to do something all my own, something special and different.

And already by middle school, I had understood two fundamental things:

1) In my life, I wanted to be an entrepreneur and be free.

2) I couldn’t live in a place like this to be happy. I needed nature.

But in life “said and done” is never the truth.

First of all, to be an entrepreneur I needed a business, yes, but what kind? And second, where could I go at 13 “into the wild” and without a job? Certainly not in a hut made of leaves on top of a mountain!

I didn’t know where to start.

I led a life that wasn’t my own, in a place I hated, surrounded by bad company, all spiced up with a not exactly rosy family situation.

And so it was that my childhood dreams soon turned into anxiety and depression.

But something inside of me, even if it was hard, remained lit.

I was little more than a child when I started to study marketing relentlessly, book after book every month, I didn’t know where to hit my head, but it was bound to take me somewhere… sooner or later.

Growing up I also started a course of study at university, where I graduated as a Business Linguistic Expert. So, though listlessly, I learned Chinese and English, as well as business principles. During that time I even lived in China for six months working as an English teacher!

But something was still missing and I couldn’t get out of this loop of depression that was clouding my mind.

Despite the anxiety, I was able to be productive, and when I was 20 years old I was hired by a local business magazine for which I wrote articles and recruited clients, in the meantime I also managed the online communication of a well-known chef from Bergamo.

I liked all this and it also gave me satisfaction, but it was not enough, I wanted something of my own, and above all, I wanted to detach myself from that world of traffic and smog.

And it was precisely on one of my worst days that, exasperated by anxiety, I took the tent, the car, and drove for an hour to detach myself from the world and give myself a break on the shores of Lake Iseo.

It was the first time I saw Lake Iseo.

But as soon as I arrived on its waters my heartbeat so strongly that a love was born between me and that place that would last forever.

It seemed incredible but… I was breathing deeply.

For those two days, after so long, I finally felt centered… no anxiety, no sadness, a clear mind. I couldn’t believe it!

The calming effect that that place had on me was incredible, and I couldn’t believe it.

I felt so good and my mind was so stimulated that I wrote pages and pages of ideas in a notebook, plus several magazine articles in a breath and some poems!

My creativity was exploding because after so much time I finally felt good. I was breathing.

From that day on, I started to “run away to the lake” as often as I could, with my tent and the bare essentials, together with my computer and my marketing books: I was looking for MY IDEA.

The natural impact of that place on me was unbelievable, the air I breathed in those more and more frequent trips also gave me the charge to face the rest of the week.

A transformation was underway: I also began to practice meditation, to abandon the harmful people who were sucking the life out of me and to focus on myself.

And it was on one of those many trips that I met Jack. On my way back from a kayak ride I saw this handsome guy reading one of my favorite marketing books. He was also looking for HIS IDEA.

It only took a few moments to realize that in front of everyone’s eyes there was an authentic dreamer.

That day he invited me to do a ferrata in the mountains (strange first date xD) and from that moment we became one.

After a very short time, we took a little house on the lake where we could live and work on our dreams, ideas flowed down the river and between them floor by floor emerged a thank you to that enchanted place that little by little had saved my life.

And so Lake’nRoll was born, the first real estate portal entirely dedicated to those who, like me, need nature and beauty to feel good and find happiness.

Lake’nRoll guys cause every family needs a perfect place.


My name is Giacomo Guerini, Jack to most of the plebs, and I am one of the proud founders of Lake’nRoll.

I was born and raised on Lake Iseo.

Even as a child I knew I lived in a beautiful place, the view of the lake out the window, the mountains behind me… but I still didn’t understand the difference that the place where he lives can make in a man’s life.

Now, at the age of 30, although I’m a fervent traveler, I can no longer imagine having a place that isn’t here as a “home base”.

I grew up in close contact with the nature that surrounds me, besides the days at the beach with friends I lived shoulder to shoulder with my mountains.

I was alone a wolf. Since primary school, I went to the mountains alone twice a week. I needed to feel the wind on my face and the scent of the trees.

At only 14 years old I had already gone up and down the 1957 meters of Mount Guglielmo about fifty times by mountain bike!

To this day I know like my own pockets all the peaks surrounding Lake Iseo, all the possible paths and ferrate to reach them.

In my life water and greenery have entered indelibly into me.

To this day, I could never give up the view of the lake, my snowy mountains and all those activities I do in the open air, framed by a magnificent landscape.

I live with the walks along the lake, the sunsets reflected on the water, the paths in the green and on the mountains, the holiday air that you can breathe in these parts and the sports such as cycling, climbing, running and many others…

I’m not saying that these are exclusive things for those who live on the shores of a lake, but I’m saying that you’re in it here, it’s a lifestyle, it’s everyday life!

In life I graduated as Surveyor in 2008 even if the search for a job in the middle of the economic crisis was not an easy thing for me. Initially I continued on the road of construction in a surveyor’s studio, then I changed completely and found a job as an employee in a permanent company. My position was good, the work was good and I generally liked it.

But I was constantly looking for something that would give me more, something of my own that would allow me to change my position as an employee and my life.

In order to understand which direction to go in, I began to read an infinity of books about it: economy, market, business, biographies of those who had already gone through it. Year after year I “built” education to prepare myself to start my own business.

Meanwhile, I continued to live in close contact with nature, on the lake my mind became clearer and more focused and ideas flowed freely.

Then, one day, in 2016, I met Silvia, my life and adventure companion.

We had the same goals and the same passion, we saw the world with the same colors.

We combined our dreams, ideas, and knowledge accumulated over the years to achieve our goals and soon the Lake’ portal was born.

Today my mission is to offer the lifestyle of the lakes of Italy to those who, like me, love to live in a house on the lake and feel the unique atmosphere of these places.

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