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Who isn't looking for happiness?

The place you choose to live can really change your life...

In every sense!

It affects:

  • Your physical and mental health,
  • About your creativity,
  • And even on your personal success!!!!

We at Lake’nRoll experienced it on our SAME SKIN by choosing to live in an extraordinary place that literally changed our lives.

And it’s not just us!

A huge number of Doctors and Researchers say there are many reasons why living in contact with water has profoundly beneficial effects on your body and mind.

We at Lake’nRoll are here now to allow those who desire it, those who look like us, to live a life full of beauty and peace.

A life that makes you happy and that does you good, in every sense. This is Lake’nRoll’s mission!

Lake’nRoll! Cause every family needs a perfect place!


Living on the lake is good for you

“Having suffered from a very young age from anxiety and depression, there was a moment in my life when I began to realize that walking on the shores of a lake or simply contemplating the waters from the shore was enough to soothe my anxiety. I was finally breathing deeply. So I started to “run to the lake” whenever I had the chance. On weekends I drove for hours and went there alone and I was immediately at peace.” 

(Silvia, co-founder of Lake’nRoll)

But why did the proximity to water make me feel so free and centered?

6 reasons why living near water is good for your health

The effect was so powerful that I started doing research.

So I was immediately presented with numerous scientific evidence and medical testimonies to confirm what I had so far intuited through my experience: living at the lake is incredibly good for us!!!

It’s not just about admiring fantastic landscapes, or enjoying a peaceful holiday:

it’s a real investment to get better!!!

Because living at the lake can actually and concretely improve your health in 6 different ways!

This is explained by the research of the biologist Wallace J. Nichols (and his 10 years of research and statistics!).

Are you curious to find out how?

Then you will find the 6 reasons why living at the lake is scientifically good for your health!

Click on the titles and find out how! You’ll be amazed!


1. Living at the lake makes you scientifically happier!

Scientist J. Nichols calls it the blue mind:

It’s the meditative state in which your brain automatically enters when you’re in contact with water!


When you are in contact with water, your brain naturally releases substances directly related to happiness, such as oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin!

This makes you instantly more relaxed, calmer and happier!

Living at the lake is a real homeopathic cure against anxiety, stress, and tension, in favor of peace and quiet.

The water is a fabulous natural anti-stress!

Confirming this is the data collected by the researchers of the App Mappiness that recorded the level of happiness of over a million users worldwide.

The statistics confirmed that we are hopelessly happier when we are in contact with water!

Imagine, even happier than when we are in green spaces!

This discovery is so relevant to people’s lives that researchers from the BlueHealth association are currently experimenting with the introduction of “blue infrastructures” (i.e. natural or artificial aquatic environments) in major European cities, for the health promotion and health prevention of the inhabitants!!

Think about the psycho-physical impact that living in a “blue house” would have for you! 😉

2. Your immune system will thank you!

Living near a lake not only dramatically lowers your stress level but also strengthens your defense system!

You will soon notice an explosion in your immune function!

Increasing relaxation and lowering stress levels in the body strengthens your immune system.

This allows you to get less sick, fight unrest and prevent unwanted obstacles to your health!

But that’s not all!

If you live in a natural environment, close to water and green, the amount of your white blood cells in your blood naturally increases!

Plants and trees, especially those that grow near water, emit chemicals known as phytoncides: breathing them in increases the number of white blood cells in your blood.

They will help you fight diseases and infections! These cells kill the cancer cells and virus-infected cells inside your body.

And think that you don’t even need to think about all these things in order to benefit from them: Living by the lake means boosting your immune system!

3. Goodbye insomnia

Living surrounded by nature is the best sleeping pill there is!

This is confirmed by a Focus article that says that being immersed in nature is the best way to sleep well and longer!

You will have experienced at least once the relaxing power of a day at the beach, a trip on the water or a walk through the trees. The peace with which you fall asleep in the evening is indescribable.

Living close to the water and the mountains are the best way to ensure long and peaceful dreams every night!

According to a study published in “Preventive Medicine” which analyzed the lives of over 250,000 inhabitants, it became very clear that people with the worst quality of sleep are those who live in the most urbanized areas.

But bad sleep is not only a source of stress:

“Chronic sleep deprivation can become a ‘fuse’ that ignites heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and mental health problems. It can even ruin couples’ lives, increasing the likelihood of divorce.” (Focus)

Living near water helps to free your mind from worries and thoughts that make you anxious.

All this allows your mind and body to relax in a peaceful and deep sleep.

Sleeping well makes you feel regenerated and allows you to recharge your batteries: simple exposure to water on a daily basis improves your health.

4. At the lake you feel younger & your kids study better and in less time!

Did you know that?

Water rejuvenates tired minds and helps kids to study better and achieve their goals.

Studies show that living surrounded by nature makes us feel younger and helps us to concentrate!

Perception justified by fewer heart and weight problems as well as a fresher and more focused mind! In short … mens sana in corpore sano!

It is no coincidence that some of the greatest discoveries of the physicist Albert Einstein came to light while sailing: the scientist spent as much time as possible on the boat!

Do you really think it was a random choice?

When we are near the water our brain switches from “busy” to “relaxed” mode.

In this way, we move away from thoughts and our brain naturally opens up and focuses on the moment, a scientifically proven phenomenon called the “blue mind”.

When your kids’ brains are in this relaxed state they are open to inspiration and creative thoughts.

In other words, near water creates an infinitely better environment for introspection and concentration.

This allows them to study better, in less time and let their creativity flow.

Proof of this is the study published by Environmental Psychology in 1995 which analyses the concentration levels of two different groups of students.

The first were assigned rooms with a beautiful view of lakes and natural environments, the second rooms overlooking urban environments.

As expected, the first group demonstrated a greater capacity for functional attention and significantly higher levels of concentration.

In addition to what has been said, the proximity to the lake and the mountains pushes your students (and yourself) to go out more in the open air and do more sport.

Spending too much time indoors stuck to the TV screen or socials literally causes “mental lethargy”. As well as lack of motivation and stimulation and high levels of dissatisfaction in boys. (as well as early “brain soreness”!).

5. Those who live at the lake move more

It is useless to deny that being in the middle of nature pushes us to go out more and get more exercise!

It’s true both for us and for our children: being in the middle of greenery surrounded by breathtaking views makes us want to disconnect from the social networks and go out and breathe deeply!

The lake is the cradle of sporting life.

Kilometers and kilometers of cycle paths, walks in the woods, diving into the freshwater, going out by boat!

 The sports that can be practiced are practically endless and all just a stone’s throw away!

With the water reflected in your home and the green mountains all around. The lake is every sportsman’s dream and the cure for every lazy person 😉

Even for those who are “the anti-sport par excellence” to give up romantic walks on the lakeside in the evening will be practically impossible!

Just like you won’t be able to give up a dive on the beach!

The environment around you affects your habits:

an environment capable of stimulating sporting activity decreases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, the percentage of obesity, problems related to the immune system and, in short, prolongs your life.

Imagine the impact of such an environment on your children’s lives and growth.

6. Living at the lake prolongs your life

All 5 points we have just seen together lead to a single result: a healthier and happier life!

That’s right! Living near water and enjoying beautiful landscapes and green spaces can actually add healthy (and happy) days to your life!

According to the American National Cancer Institute, taking time to enjoy our surroundings and detoxify ourselves from stress by combining a little physical activity (even light) increases our life expectancy!

It is no coincidence that the villages in the lakes of Italy are home to many centenarians and over 100 years old!

How could we not love such a place?

  • Are you ready to live in a dream house on the lake?
  • Are you tired of seeing greenery and water only on holiday?
  • Do you want your children to grow up in a better place?
  • In a healthier place that unleashes their creativity and their willingness to deal with nature?

We want that too, which is why we’re so proud to introduce you to Lake’nRoll.

the first and only real estate portal in Italy exclusively dedicated to life on the lake!

In small and big things our philosophy is to feel good, we are here for those who, like us, dream of a life that goes beyond the ordinary, a happy life a stone’s throw from the water.

If you, like us, think that life on the lake is perfect for you and your family.

Always remember that living on the lake involves:

  • The drastic drop in anxiety and psychological distress

  • The improvement of the general state of health

  • The growth of personal success and concentration

  • Strengthening the connection with the world of nature

  • A longer and healthier life

Lake’nRoll – Cause every family needs a perfect place!
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